Rev. Rendell Hipps



"I'm glad you are here!  This website tells you a lot about Calvary, so spend some time reading about us.  But there is something that this website cannot communicate: the heart of the people of Calvary.  The people here are some of the most genuine, loving, and sincere followers of Jesus I have known.  Many of them have been part of this church familiy for years and years.  One family in our church have had six generations in that family who have been members of Calvary.  Others have come to Calvary more recently.  But the sense of community, love, and support for one another extends as readily to our guests and new-comers as to those who have been part of this family for years.  We would love for you to worship with us and get to know us in person.  And, I would love to meet you in person, answer your questions about Calvary, and share together in the journey of life and faith.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me by phone or e-mail.  If you are looking for a church like Calvary, I hope you will be our guest in worship this Sunday." 

- Pastor Rendell

About Rendell


I am a native of Asheville, NC (actually Leicester, NC) where I grew up on a family farm.  (Yes, I have milked a cow!)  I am a graduate of NC State (go Wolfpack!), earning both BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering.  I worked for 7 years as a hardware designer at IBM in the Research Triangle and then at Alcatel in Raleigh, NC, designing line cards for high-speed internet access.  After strongly sensing God's call to vocational ministry, I quit my engineering job (now there's a story to share over lunch!) and went to Gardner-Webb University's School of Divinity where I earned the M.Div. degree with an emphasis in pastoral studies.  I served two other congregations prior to coming to Calvary in the summer of 2020.


I enjoy music, playing piano/keyboard, working out at the gym, working outdoors, lazy days on a quiet beach, working with power tools, building stuff, and cooking.  I also enjoy architectural drawing, so much so that I designed the home we previously lived in.  I am married to the one-and-only love of my life, Kelly.  She is my best friend, my ministry partner, and my biggest cheerleader.  She is the best children's Bible Study teacher ever and has the biggest heart for people I've ever seen.  Kelly is a servant of Christ and has been involved in every aspect of church ministry.  We live in Leicester on the family farm with our Sheltie, Joey.


My life verses are Colossians 3:15-17.  My preaching and teaching are Biblical, theologically contemplated, applicable, and focus on the Gospel of Christ.  As part of my ministry of making disciples for Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20), I value helping stretch the mind and heart of fellow believers (Romans 12:2) through my preaching and teaching.  I always strive to lead myself and others to know the Lord more fully and to follow His way more completely.  I take study of the scriptures seriously (2 Timothy 2:15) and endeavor to help others do the same. I do not shy away from challenging topics, having a special interest in teaching classes in the church on creation/evolution, the  book of Revelation, the basics of biblical theology, and book studies like one of my favorites, Jonah.  I have written numerous Bible studies for use in the church including discipleship materials for new believers, Jesus' parables, the minor prophets, "The Bible Jesus Read", and more.  I also have a passion for those outside the church/kingdom and making church and the Gospel accessible and relevant in today's world.  I endeavor to reach the younger generation without alienating the older, believing there are ways to bring all generations together as "the church" in study, worship, and service.  I also enjoy creatively arranging old and new worship songs for use in the church's worship of our Lord.