Community Garden Ministry


Calvary received a Seed Money grant of $2,715 in December 2005 from Durham Congregations in Action (DCIA) for starting a community garden ministry.

The project has the following key aims:

  1. To provide a space for growing fresh produce to meet people’s physical needs.
  2. To educate about life processes and respect for the environment.
  3. To establish or deepen relationships, particularly between our church and people in our surrounding neighborhood.
Wish List
  1. Books on gardening for a community gardening resource library at Calvary.
  2. Martin houses or birdhouse gourds that could be made into birdhouses. Attracting purple martins to the garden would enhance the beauty of the garden site and provide natural control of insects.



Email Arthur Herring or contact the church office at 919-688-7138 for more information or to help with Wish List items.