Wednesday Word April 12, 2017

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What’s Inside

  • Maundy Thursday Soup and Bread Potluck April 13 at 6:00pm
  • Compassion Sunday April 30th
  • Testimony & Hymn Sing April 30th
  • Maternity Leave Pastor – Para Drake
  • Boxes Needed
  • RUM Dinner April 6 at 6:30pm
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Letters from the Field
  • Upcoming Meetings – Finance and SPRC Meeting May 4.
  • Bible Study – April 20 at 1:00pm
  • Gently Used Electric Keyboard
  • Corridor District United Methodist Women Mission Studies April 22
  • Individual in Need
  • Praying for One Another

Wednesday Word – 04/05/2017

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What’s inside:

  • Easter Egg Hunt – Thursday April 6, 2017 at 12:30pm.
  • Maundy Thursday Potluck – Thursday April 13, at 6:00pm.
  • Maternity Leave Pastor – Para Drake.
  • Boxes Needed.
  • RUM Dinner – Thursday April 6, 2017 at 6:30pm Wake Forest UMC.
  • Baby Shower and Farewell Potluck – Sunday April 9 at 12:30pm.
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Bible Study
  • Seeking Keyboard
  • Corridor District UMW Mission Studies – April 22, 2017.
  • Individual in Need
  • Praying for One Another

Wednesday Word 11/16/2011

Cari’s Sermon: This week I am copying over for you the end of my sermon because I continue to think that it is important for us to focus our energies on these things:

You see Church, God has given to us God’s most precious property – God’s only Son.
What will we do with him?
Will we enter into God’s covenant of love and participate with God’s Holy Spirit in order to see transformation happen in our own lives? Continue reading

Wednesday Word 11/9/2011

Several weeks ago I prayed this prayer by Anselm right before my sermon. May it be for us the prayer from the innermost place of ourselves:

“Lord, because you have made me, I owe you the whole of my love; because you have redeemed me, I owe you the whole of myself; because you have promised so much, I owe you all my being.  Continue reading

Wednesday Word 11/2/2011

First I want to thank so many people for their help this past weekend for our beloved Lee’s funeral and our Testimony and Song Service. Matt Stutts personally printed and folded ALLLLLL of the bulletins for both for services. LaNella put together the bulletins even though she was in California! Billy Kluttz was the organist / pianist for Lee’s funeral where he had to quickly practice with two soloists.

Wednesday Word 10/12/2011

Entering into relationship: As you heard me preach on Sunday as Christ entered into relationship with us by leaving everything heavenly to be with us, so Christ wants us to enter into relationship with one another. I pray that you have been praying for who is the person that the Holy Spirit wants you to meet with. Who is it that you are to get to know better in our congregation? Remember, find time preferably face to face (but it can also be over the phone) to just talk about your story. You don’t have to tell everything! But tell things that you feel safe telling. Continue reading