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Wednesday Word – 07/20/2016

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What’s inside:

  • Project APAGE Welcome Home Kits – Bring your Sewing Supplies this Sunday
  • Can you help with the Sound System?
  • Compassion Sunday sign-up for Urban Ministries and at Calvary UMC
  • A Pastoral Letter from the Southeastern Jurisdictional College of Bishops
  • Newly Elected Bishops & some 2016-2020 appointment highlights
  • Get ready for the “Calvary Olympics” in conjunction with our next Community Meal on Tues. July 26th 6:00-8:00pm
  • No DCIA meeting in July
  • Testimony & Hymn Sing Sunday July 31st

Project AGAPE sign-up link

Click here to sing-up online to help us reach our goal of 4 complete Welcome Home Kits for Project AGAPE

Not everyone has been able to sign up online, and some generous folks have signed-up during worship and/or dropped items off in worship. Here’s an up to date list (as of 7-7-16) of what’s still needed:

  • Health Supplies
    • (1) 1 Hand Towel
    • (1) 1 Wash Cloth
    • (2) Comb
    • (1) Nail Clippers
    • (2) Bar of Soap, bath size
    • (1) 6 Adhesive Bandages
  • Sewing Supplies
    • (1) 3 Continuous Yards of Fabric
    • (3) 1 Pair of Fabric Scissors
  • School Supplies
    • (2) 2 Pair of Blunt Scissors
    • (1) 6 Pads of Paper
    • (2) 1 Ruler, metric
    • (2) 1 Box of Unsharpened Pencils
    • (2) 1 Pencil Sharpener
    • (2) 2 Large Erasers
    • (2) 1 Box of 48 Crayons
    • (2) 1 Book Bag
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Supplies
    • (1) 2 Blankets (twin size or larger)
    • (2) Pots & Pans, no teflon
    • (3) Cooking Pot/Stock Pot, 12-15 quart with lid
    • (3) Cooking Utensils
  • Other Supplies
    • (3) $20 Donation for garden supplies
    • Cardboard Boxes for shipping items


Project AGAPE Welcome Home Kits

Help us reach our goal of 4 complete Welcome Home Kits!
Remember to bring your Health Supplies – Sunday July 3rd & 10th

Welcome Home Kit Contents:

Health Supplies:

  • 1 hand towel; 1 wash cloth; 1 comb; 1 set of nail clippers; 1 bar of soap (bath size); 1 toothbrush; 6 adhesive bandages.

Sewing Supplies:

  • 3 continuous yards of fabric; 1 pair of fabric scissors; 1 pack of sewing needles1 spool of thread; 5-8 buttons.

School Supplies:

  • 2 pair of blunt scissors; 6 pads of paper (or spiral-ring notebooks); 1 ruler (metric); 1 box of unsharpened pencils; 1 pencil sharpener;  2 large erasers; a box of crayons (48 box size); one book bag.

Kitchen/Bedroom Supplies:

Two Blankets (large enough to cover a twin sized bed at least); Pots and Pans (nothing coated with Teflon); Cooking pot/ stock pot—12 to 15 qt size with lid; Cooking utensils

Other Supplies:

  • A $20 Donation per kit which will help to purchase seeds for a garden, garden tools, and chickens. (Checks should be written out to NC Conference and delivered with the boxes to the MERCI Center, 676 Community Drive, Goldsboro, NC); Cardboard boxes for shipping items.

Sign-up to bring items here and drop them off at Worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00am at Calvary UMC.

Health Supplies – July 3rd & 10th
Sewing Supplies – July 17th & 24th
School Supplies – July 31st & August 7th
Kitchen/Bedroom Supplies – August 14th & 21st
$ & Boxes – August 28th

Community Meal

Join us for our next Community Meal Tuesday June 28th from 6-8pm.

We’ll be cooking out (burgers & hotdogs) and eating in (who doesn’t enjoy AC in the summer?)

Bring a side dish to share, or simply come and enjoy the food – there’s always plenty to eat.